Walking in Darkness

I spotted this man walking through the heavy snow with a rather depressed looking walk. The image was later processed into black and white with some noise and a vignette added. I don’t like to edit this much, but gave it a shot anyway.

First weekly picture in a project «52 pictures» (it needs a proper name), where one picture is published every week for the whole. 365 next year?
You can find more info on this project on Geir Ertsgaard first contribution The Dark Season.

The wrapup: Each week we will publish one image taken in the same week. Each week we will have a new subject/theme/keyword. This weeks theme was «Darkness». At least, that is my interpretation of the norwegian word «mørke».

About Yngve Thoresen

I am an amateur photographer, always eager to learn more about photography. I shoot with a Nikon D80 and a variety of lenses.